Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Nails

I kind of chose this design on a whim.  I was on Pinterest and was looking for ideas, so instead of choosing just one, I chose a few.

These are all of the lovely colors that I have featured on here before except for the confetti nail polish.  That lovely gem is from Forever 21.  When I was in California and bought my defective sandals (click here to see what I did to fix them) I came across this awesome confetti polish.  Don't forget to use the maximum strength base coat prior to putting any color polish on.

Now this finger is the one that gets a little more into detail.  You use a color for a french tip.  After that follow the steps below.  You criss cross the colors to form a weave look.

Don't forget to finish with your top coat to lock in that polish for as long as possible without chipping.  I've come to realize that OPI has been the best top coat I've ever used!


Warm weather is upon us

Do you like the nail design in this picture?  Click here for the tutorial.

Sunglasses:  ZeroUV
Necklace:  Prima Donna
Watch:  La Mer
Cardigan:  INC
Tank Top:  Ralph Lauren
Skirt:  INC
Shoes:  Kensie
Bag:  Louis Vuitton

The sunglasses, watch, and necklace are all from Lucky FABB.  I have not been able to stop wearing all of them.  Lucky did an awesome job with these pieces.  Stay tuned to see more about my FABB bag contents and some reviews of some things I've been using.

pleated poppy


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Glory Boon Review

Everyone out there, I know I’m a true Mary Kay girl BUT I always like trying new things.  Especially if it’s organic, handmade, or by any of my blogger friends.  I love fellow bloggers.  I decided to try some Glory Boon products which is handmade, organic, and cruelty free by Alexandra one of my blogger friends.  Her prices are great, not just for skincare but ORGANIC skincare.   Just as a side note she is the best slumber party buddy there is, we laugh about absolutely nothing, it’s great.

Yes, I am very well aware that I look like the Wicked Witch of the West with my green face.

On to the actual products I wanted to talk about.  There are a total of 3.  The first product is the clay.
I’ve never used clay before so I don’t really have anything to compare it to but I have used masks and nothing has cleansed by face as well as this without irritating my skin.  I have really sensitive skin and a lot of products over heat my skin (weird, I know) or make my face itchy and get all blotchy.  The worst is when I break out in hives which has only happened ONCE, thankfully.

The second product I’d like to talk about is the lip treatment.  I was never a big fan of exfoliaters until recently when I actually saw the results of what it does for your skin and lips.  I think I was also secretly afraid because of my sensitive skin.  A little background is growing up and to this day I have eczema, so I’m always really careful with what I use and I try to stay away from scents.  Anyway, the lip treatment is awesome.  It leaves a very light oil on your lips which is awesome because if my lips touch water they instantly dry up afterwards and the oil helped a lot.

The third product (not pictured here) that I love is the everyday lip balm, which I received as a surprise gift from Alex during Lucky FABB LA, the rest of the products I bought to support a fellow blogger.  Now I’m a Burts Bees kind of girl, BUT I am willing to switch over to Glory Boon because it is so natural and it feels so light.  I think it might actually be improving the moisture in my lips too because I noticed that lately I haven’t been using as much lip balm and even in the spring and summer months my lips get dry.

At the end of the day I highly recommend Glory Boon products, five stars all around from the product itself, the fast shipping, the price, and the service.

*Glory Boon is offering a 15% off coupon code for today (Earth Day) just use code EARTHDAY

*Please note I was not paid to write this review, and all opinions are my own.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Giddy Up

Top:  Nine West {Marshalls}
Jeans:  DKNY
Hat:  Stetson
Boots:  Corral {here}

So this outfit was the last one of my photo shoot as you can tell with the sunlight fading.  This actually happened on accident.  I had on this chambray top with my boyfriend jeans and when I saw the trees I told my friend let’s do a little cowgirl shoot.  I grabbed my Stetson from the back and put on my boots and we snapped away.  People probably thought I was weird because it’s not every day you see a girl dressed up in cowgirl boots and hat in NJ.

I’m not going to lie, I kind of felt like I belonged in a western movie.  I remember when I first bought my Stetson I wore it so proudly and I even wore it in the airport.  It’s such an awesome cowgirl hat and I will have it forever and ever.  Plus, I love that it’s made specifically just for my head shape.  I’m sure someone else has the same shape as me but it still feels cool to know that this hat was made JUST for me.


Easter 2014

Easter morning table.

One of my lovely jars on the table as a center piece.  Also, a natural way to dye eggs that brown color in the picture is to boil the eggs with onions.

Mom and Dad look so cute.

That scarf is from the Easter Bunny.  A lovely Missoni scarf.

I hope everyone had a good Easter!


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